b. in Barcelona 1974

Lives and works in Barcelona

BA fine Art, EINA College of Art and Design Barcelona, University of Arts Berlin 1995-99 

Using extremely simple pictorial materials and media, such as oil, acrylic, spray paint, pencil, collage, dripping and recycled bits of paint found on his studio floor, Subirats delves into the unexplored possibilities of their combinations in large and small formats. He creates self-referential visual languages where the automatism of the lines, the doodles, the gestures, the small dabs of colour on textured grounds and the off-centre compositions open up spaces of possibility that defy critical dogmatism, conceptual rationalism and language as mere communication.

Subirats has consolidated an artistic practice that he understands as an attitude rather than an action in itself. Painting has become a position of vital resistance to adversity: mistakes are accepted and incorporated, while successes are celebrated to move forward.This essentialist painting denotes a true vocation and a will to transmit to the canvas not a representation of reality, but reality itself. Moving between the limits of painting, the works dance between chance and intention, between improvisation and technique, between the intended and the acceptance of what finally ends up happening, questioning the motives of the contemporary painting. 

Subirats' paintings (whatever the medium) are like looking at the dented door of a van parked in an open field at night: despite everything being calm, it is clear that there was action, movement, trauma and intensity ; in other words, the essence of the action of painting.

Jordi Garrido, Art critic and curator